Your whack approach is giving zero value to the marketplace, and you’re merely another dime-a-dozen money-chaser. You’re chasing money, and just like “chasing” the opposite sex, it never works sometimes. You’re desperate, vulnerable and mainstream. Luckily, there is a better way to recruit people without spamming them.

People Don’t Join a Business – They Join YOU!  TIP #1: Approach your network marketing business as a way of helping people rather than selling them on your “Can’t Live Without” product. If you go in with the thought process of Educating your readers, your business will flourish. Focus on the person and how you can help solve the issues he or she is facing.

If you happen to have a website for your business, make sure it is full of value and education as if you were teaching the reader about your company through an online tutorial.

Additionally, you must make this value clear to the reader so that they can understand what your product is that you are marketing. Giving value along with step by step educational procedures in your small business will offer return visitors and loyal followers.

TIP #2: While speaking with a prospect, make sure to ask questions and encourage the person to share more about themselves. This will help you understand their position and how you can best help him with your opportunity.

After studying successful people in small business, I have discovered that successful network marketers build relationships, they build friendships. Their goal was NOT to immediately recruit their prospects. If you focus on getting customers or a new distributor for your product, you will be disappointed… you will find your prospects running the other way.

The network marketing professional’s objective is to educate their prospects on what they have to offer and then let them decide for themselves if it is something they wanted to do… it needs to be their idea to join your home-based business.

To be a successful network marketer, you must be willing and dedicated to put in the time and work necessary to help others succeed, which will put you on a fast-track to a rewarding future.

TIP #3: Learn from the experts and develop a genuine desire to help others succeed is important to be successful in network marketing. Crossing over the threshold of a network marketing professional, with the desire of ‘Paying it Forward’ will help your profits soar to the next level.

Remember that network marketing is a business and you have to treat it as such. You must realize that network marketing is NOT a get rich over night venture.

Get in touch with your uplines all the time. Ask them what they are using and how they are doing it. Getting where they are now means they have learnt a lot in network marketing. CALL THEM, MESSAGE THEM. THEY'VE GOT A LOT TO TELL YOU UNLESS THEY ARE SELFISH AND I BELIEVE THEY ARE NOT.

TIP #3Optimized blogging & Facebook or Social Media is my secret sauce. So what is optimized blogging first? It’s blogging that plays into the potential buyer’s mind – and plays into Google’s ranking algorithm.

You want to whip up 1500+ words of posh content that is full of unique perspective, videos, graphics and discussion. One example of an optimized blogging is what you are currently reading. It is well presented and gives clear value to the reader.

Facebook or Social Media. Most marketers on Facebook are doing it horribly wrong. They just put up the same link on their FB wall every day, telling people to join, and spamming the same message in tons of money-making FB groups.  Desperate, much?

That’s not attraction marketing. With Facebook, you want to be a little less direct. The solution: attraction marketing. Just post results. Your FB updates should be results-driven from your own production. Like a screenshot graphic showing daily earnings, or your weekly YouTube video showing the inside of your business. Something like that.


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