Do you want to work and earn greatly? What are your plans now? How much salary do you want to earn from this job or what are your monthly targets? What are your current goals to achieve after getting this job? This is an amazing opportunity I believe you can't afford to lose.

Have you ever taught of earning an unlimited income and paying all your bills on time without any frustration? There are a lot of jobless people out there. I believe you might not be jobless but decide thoughtfully and compare what I am about to show you to what you are currently doing.

Nobody wants to be broke! Poverty is a disease. There is no way you can leave your educational certificates for your children to use to secure  a job. Undoubtedly, that is not possible.

Once again, what I am about to reveal to you is a vault to unlimited daily income. Have you ever heard of HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL? It is an online business that has created many millionaires in this 21st Century. Yet you might ask, If this is really true, the how come I have never heard of it before? There is one law that governs whatever we do: "Nothing Good Comes Easily!" Gold miners don't sit and wait for gold to spill out of their gold mines. Do they?  They search dig and search for it. You might now notice  how lucky you are to have come across this message.


HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL is an International Company that touches people's lives and empower them. HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL Commonly known as  H2i's vision is to empower people and touch lives of the less privileged in the society  THROUGH ITS PARTNERS. 

Helping Hands is founded in 2010 by Mrs Luzviminda Mac-Elvis, a dynamic lady from  the Philippines with the passion to make life easier for the common man, you and me.  Below are three (3) images that show how it has touched some few people's lives.

Now I believe you will ask, how does it work? Helping Hands International is a business anyone can do. You can see in the above image that there are young children with their brand new laptops. In my opinion I believe there is nothing that works like H2i for now.

Let's get started! This is how it works. The first step you should take is to become a partner by registering. After that you will have a personal H2i account  with your username and password details and an E-WALLET you can connect your bank account to,  to withdraw your earnings. In the account you can see everybody in your team, monitor your transactions and transfer dollars to another Helping Hands International Partner.  

NB: Helping Hands International is proudly supported by:  1. Hyundai motors South Korea  2. GAC Motors  3. Apple USA  4. Diamond Bank Nigeria  5. HP USA  6. LG World   etc. 

After you become a partner by registering, all you are to do is to tell two (2) people about Helping Hands International and register them as partners. Helping Hands International has five (5) Stages.  Stage One: Associate.  Stage Two: Master.  Stage Three: Super Master.  Stage Four: Minister.  Stage Five: Prime Minister. 

In Helping Hands International, there are three (3) types of bonuses.  Referral Bonus: This is the  bonus you get when you register someone. The referral bonus is $8 or GHC 30 or N1320.   Matrix Bonus:  This is the bonus you get when you complete a given stage. For stage one the matrix bonus is $10,  Stage two the matrix bonus is $1000.  Stage three the matrix bonus is $1500. Stage four the matrix bonus is $6000 and Stage five, the matrix bonus is $12,000

To see how the matrix looks like, kindly visit the official site here: HELPINGHANDSINTERNATIONAL . Or you can fill this form to get registered

In Helping Hands International no product is sold, only services are rendered.

The following are H2i Services: 1. HUMANITARIAN SERVICES: Helping Hands International gives Help to the less privileged (Orphans, Widows and Handicapped, etc. )

2. FINANCIAL SUPPORT SERVICES: It also gives interest-free and non-collateral loan to the partners in order to enhance their businesses.

3. TRADE/SKILLS ACQUISITION SERVICES: It Provide FREE entrepreneurship skills training and intensive business training to partners and others.

4. ASSET/PROPERTY SUPPORT SERVICES: It gives Assets/property acquisition support to partners.

5. SCHOLARSHIP AWARD SERVICES: Helping Hands International gives education funds to partners in order to ensure quality education for their children and other children.

6. INCOME OPPORTUNITY: It Offers members the opportunity to earn PASSIVE INCOME for life !         


STAGE 1.  Register with 150cedis , get 2 people to register, you will earn earn 60cedis($16 ) or 217.50($58) when you register 6 people ( You can register more people and earn more money cos you will earn 30cedis ($8) per person you register).

STAGE 2: You earn 3750cedis ( $1000)  plus a brand new Apple ipad or HP laptop, Lenovo with $100 to your upline as a matching bonus.

STAGE 3:  You earn 11,250cedis ($3000) plus brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA , NOW HYUNDAI CRETA. You will be given 7500cedis($2000)  to empower 2 needy people in your area, An all expense paid international trip, $150 to your upline, Acquire any skill you want to acquire for free.

STAGE 4:  You earn 22,500cedis ($6000) plus a BRAND NEW HYUNDAI IX35 JEEP, A motherless home will be empowered on your recommendation and on your behalf, Interest and collateral free loan of $12,000 on your request and $300 to your upline

STAGE 5: You earn 45,000cedis ($12,000), plus  free housing support fund of GHC 150,000($40,000) then educational support of $2000 for 2 of your kids, Then you keep earning Yearly bonus of $5000 yearly and $600 to your upline 

These are the benefits you will get from H2i with just your one time registration of $40 or GHC150 or N6,600 no monthly renewer, no buying and selling of product. Join this moving train now.

Fill and Submit Your Form Now to Get Started! Secure a future for your children and family. Leave a legacy.Live your dream today!  CLICK HERE! or COMMENT  "I AM INTERESTED"  BELOW! or FILL THE FORM BELOW!  or CONTACT / WHATSAPP: +(233)0246422885


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