An Australian takeaway place is trying to win a Guinness World Record by having their mascot Betty become the first chicken to ever send a readable tweet! The marketing campaign is a lot like shooting in the dark – they’re letting Betty peck away randomly at a keyboard, hoping that she will accidentally tweet something meaningful by the end of October.

Perth marketing agency Marketforce came up with the idea for their client ‘Chicken Treat’, who operate over 70 franchises in Western Australia. “Betty will be tweeting away until she sends a proper five-letter word in English,” the promotional video states. “Follow her as she makes history at the Chicken Tweet Twitter page.”  

According to independent brand analyst Michel Hogan, it’s great that a company is using humour in its marketing. “This isn’t a new idea by any means, but I can see it working – depending on where they go with it and how they do it,” she said. She added that smaller chains need such stunts and tricks to grab eyeballs in an industry that is dominated by larger corporations.

Social media expert Dionne Lew agreed.  She told  that she loves how creative the campaign is and she’s interested to see where they’ll take it. “Having said that, I think Betty has just ‘hatched’ in terms of human humour and she’s going to need to develop it a bit to keep her audience engaged,” she said. “The obscure chicken language appeals to me, but I am not sure it will appeal to everyone. I guess they will have to wait and see, but it’s got to be mixed with enough other interesting stuff to keep up the tempo… little vignettes, misspelled calls to action, or special deals.”

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