Artificial intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machines. In computer science, an ideal "intelligent" machine is a flexible rational agent that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal. This is what H2iNation is planning on implementing into it's projects.

Let's discuss three ways Artificial Intelligence is going to help H2iNation deliver best in 2017.

1. It will encourage us to embrace the future of H2iNation together with Network Marketing.

The biggest takeaway from looking into AI, especially with powerful systems that we will be building soon, is that no matter which scenario we consider, AI is a major part of the future of business on both ends of the Network Marketing spectrum. It’s already fueling everything from advanced business management & strategization technology to the way Google and other tech giants render their services.

Indeed, AI is the future, and remaining current and abreast of every new advance therein is absolutely vital to maintaining relevance in the exponentially digitizing future. It’s not going anywhere, and if you keep that in mind, neither will you.

2. It will help us  integrate various Network Marketing teams.

A major hurdle of growing a business is overcoming fragmentation caused by scaling. As we grow, our needs grow too, and soon our trunks have grown boughs, which have grown branches, and so on. The delegation it necessitates can become unwieldy.

Technology like ScenGen takes working parts that seem disparate, and combines them into a functioning whole by predicting and testing how each piece operates and organizing them more effectively. This is efficiency at its finest, and incorporating artificial intelligence to Network Marketing, tasks, and systems will reap immediate benefits. This is what we are currently working on.

3. We will have an unprecedented ability to think fast and protect ourselves.

Artificial intelligence is difficult to define succinctly, but one feature is its ability to think more quickly through a problem than a human mind could. 

AI systems can take Network Marketing to the next level by processing every possible threat and fortifying your system in advance. Using teams, we can operate the same way in a more general sense by, instead of searching outward for marketing possibilities and risks, searching inward for weaknesses and potential problem areas. By making sure that structural integrity is sound, business owners and network marketers can fortify structures to withstand anything, giving peace of mind both to brands and their customers thus maximizing profits.

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