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Employees think of things like JOB SECURITY, steady salary, good benefits, small raise each year, predictable schedule, etc. They value these things. That's why they have a job, not a business. That's why they come into the referral business and quit within one to three months because they aren't making money (or lots of money).

That's why they are concerned with how much it costs to get started.That's why they ask "how much I can make in a month?"This way of thinking is the "kiss of death" when you own a business.Starting, running and growing a successful business in any industry takes a completely different mindset, the entrepreneurial mindset.Entrepreneurs are not worried with how much they are making today.They don't worry about how much it costs.They do not trade time for money.They do not value security or a steady salary.Entrepreneurs are opportunists.

They see an opportunity and seize it.Entrepreneurs create assets that generate an income, and have equity.Entrepreneurs take risks.Entrepreneurs turn an idea into profits!Entrepreneurs are long term thinkers.They are not scared to fail.They know they might work a couple of years just to make their first real money profit.To succeed in business, you need to learn how to think like an entrepreneur.

It will take time and will not happen overnight, especially if you've had a job for many years.You can make a few thousands per month in our industry with an employee mindset, but if you want to make it to the top, you must transit to an entrepreneurial mindset.It won't happen overnight.It won't happen by accident either.You need a good entrepreneurial mentor. I recommend *HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL *You need to study successful entrepreneurs.You need to read books about entrepreneurship.Remember, no one is born an employee or entrepreneur.We all become one of these things by choice.If you want to learn to be an entrepreneur, you must teach yourself, and learn from other successful entrepreneurs.Applied Information is power!    Kindly note that Entrepreneurs are opportunists.They see an opportunity and seize it.Have you seized today's OPPORTUNITY?Think and Act *H2i *, a safe haven for entrepreneurs. Contact: +233-0200790525 now!

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